Some thoughts on logistics, etc.

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Marketing, Self Publishing

Now that ONSO is finally out, I’m discovering that there are a lot of little details I didn’t expect to have to deal with. I don’t know WHY I didn’t expect it… I guess I just didn’t think about it enough. But one thing that’s taken me by surprise is the need to keep track of so much data! Right now the novel is on three different sites: Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance. So I have to keep track of sales from three different places, which is hard enough already. Add to that the need to track how many sales happen per day per site and suddenly that’s a lot of information to deal with.

I have not risen to the challenge at all. I suck at organization and I’m not very good at keeping track of things. Which sucks because all of this information would be really handy to have in one place but I just haven’t gotten off my butt to make that happen. SIGH.

I can say that ONSO is doing pretty well, all things considered (I’m a new author, haven’t had any reviews or exposure yet, etc.), so I’m very pleased 😀 I also know that it will only get better, because the book is awesome and I truly believe anyone who reads it will have nothing but good things to say about it. So there! Not that I’m relying purely on word of mouth. I’m doing my best to get some blogs and sites to review it, and planning other marketing I can do. A friend of mine suggested paying homeless people to read it and then film their reactions, then put it on YouTube. Not sure how practicable that would be though…

One marketing angle I didn’t really consider before but now think is a really good idea is contacting music sites about the novel. It is set in the music industry, after all, and the next novel I’m working on (after Willpower, which will be out in July) goes a lot more in-depth with that world. Plus, hey, Rock n Roll Romance Novelist! I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

See, this is where all that download information would come in very handy! It would be great if I could see what effect if any my various marketing schemes have on sales. Then again, I suppose if I do it right, the spike will be quite noticeable. Still, it would be nice. I might have to make myself do it after all.

How do you guys keep track of all your stats? Is there an easy fix I’m overlooking? And what do you think of marketing ONSO to music fans?


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